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Old account

When Bitcoin was new, an acquaintance gave me a small portion (maybe 1/20 of a coin). I set up an account on an old computer and can't seem to locate the wallet file even though I still own the hard drive. Yeah, it's not an unusual story.
I searched all my passwords and came across one for a account. They were a P2P Bitcoin exchange that looks like it shut down in 2013. They mention bitalo as their replacement, but I don't see anything about on bitalo website, which is mostly in German. I was thinking that I might be able to find the transaction details on, but if they are shut down, what can I do?
Let me know if this is the right subreddit for this sort of question. Thanks!
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What's next for bitcoin

Here's a brief list that's just a fraction of the positive news. Does anyone have anything to add to the list or any suggestions on things to change?
Videos that really explain where we are headed
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Has anyone used or can share an opinion about

I just stumbled upon this "new" service
They offer a system which allows users to pay for invoices using bitcoin, or obtain bitcoin by paying invoices for others.
Has anyone used their service and can share whether it works or whether one should steer clear of them? Experiences with their underlying provider bitalo are also appreciated.
Their sales-pitch is that on the one hand, users can pay their invoices with bitcoin regardless of whether the seller accepts bitcoin or not. On the other hand it (apparently) allows invoice payers to acquire bitcoin with minimal fees below market price.
Thats what they claim anyway. I am not affiliated with them in any way, just genuinely curious.
I couldn't find anything on reddit or google, hence why I created this post. If anyone of you thinks it is useful and you intend to use the service here's a referral link
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Bitalo, now get 5 + 5 USD worth of BTC just for a verified registration via referral programme has finally setup a referral program that allows you to earn bitcoin. Everytime you refer a friend, both parties, i.e. you and your friend will each receive $5 worth of BTC from Bitalo after the referred user has set up a fully verified account and created a multi-signature wallet (Identity and Bank account verified).
Users you refer will need to sign up at Bitalo after clicking your referral link.
Once a user clicks your link, Bitalo keeps track over your referral and you will get credit if they sign up from that computer, even if they close the browser and come back later.
There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, although we do reserve the right to adjust the referral program rules in the future (so they may change in the future).
More Information on
Bitalo is the first exchange to use multi-signature and time lock transactions Bitalo AG aims to revolutionize the security standards in Bitcoin services with a new peer-to-peer trading and wallet service. Its goal is to keep user funds provably safe under all circumstances.
Bitalo uses three key technologies: multi-signature wallets, time lock transactions and the MePIN two-factor authentication. Users don't give up control over their money unlike when sending it into traditional banks or cryptocurrency exchanges.
In a worst-case scenario where the whole service is shut down or all data is compromised, users alone are still in control of their funds.
Bitalo is the first exchange to combine these characteristics which make it a perfect match for Bitcoin – a trustless, decentralized currency.
As a promotion, new users do not pay any escrow fees until the end of June 2014.
For more information, see our video and a more detailed summary of the Bitalo security architecture below.
A summary of the Bitalo security architecture:
Multi-signature transactions are used to move bitcoins, and they must be signed by both the user and the Bitalo server using their private keys. The user’s key is generated and encrypted in the user's browser, and the encryption password is chosen by the user. Only the encrypted key is ever stored on the server. When bitcoins are sent, the user's key is decrypted and used to sign the transaction in the user’s browser. Client side code is open source and can be verified by the community.
Audits can be done using third-party blockchain explorers, since wallets are actual Bitcoin addresses on the blockchain. This way users can ensure that all funds are in their wallets and get a proof that Bitalo runs a full-reserve Bitcoin service.
Escrow is implemented using "time lock" transactions. Bitalo has no access to traded bitcoins if a trade completes in a pre-defined time period (e.g. two weeks). If the buyer and seller disagree after this period, the service gets temporary access to the traded bitcoins to resolve the dispute.
FIAT money is not stored or handled by Bitalo – all transactions go directly between users, and money can't be seized from Bitalo or lost by the service.
A recovery "time lock" transaction is sent to the user after each transfer. Using these pre-signed transactions, users can recover all their funds in case of a complete shutdown.
Two-factor authentication is mandatory using MePIN as the authentication method. This keeps bitcoins safe even if an account is set up using a compromised computer. This is not the case with Google Authenticator based two-factor solutions, as an intruder can steal the two-factor code during the setup process.
About MePIN:
MePIN / Meontrust Inc was founded in mid 2010 to make peoples’ online life easier by providing a simple and safe way to access their numerous web services. As an international company, Meontrust has customers and partners all around the world. Contact:
About Bitalo AG:
Bitalo was founded in May 2013 as German stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft) in Wachenheim an der Weinstraße and strives to combine an exchange and wallet service with multiple other Bitcoin related services. Bitalo is also taking the lead in terms of security and be the first integrated exchange service implementing highly secure multi-signature wallets & trading.
Contact info: email: [email protected] web:
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BIP001: Martin Albert, Bitalo AG Mario Draghi answers Italo on bitcoins Bitalo - Why Do We need Bitcoin? Part 1 of 2 Susanne Sennhauser - YouTube YouTube

Crypto News. And Events From Our Blog. By admin . Cost Predictions Roam Free Because Bitcoin Stabilizes Above $4, 500. Since the crypto industry’s monumental rise in order to prominence on a planetary stage, pundits and customers alike have sought… Read More. By admin. Blockstream CEO Believes In Extensive Value Of Bitcoin, Says BTC Might be $500k When Bitcoin “Flips” Gold. As Bitcoin ... has finally setup a referral program that allows you to earn bitcoin. Everytime you refer a friend, both parties, i.e. you and your friend will each receive $5 worth of BTC from Bitalo after the referred user has set up a fully verified account and created a multi-signature wallet (Identity and Bank account verified). Tag: Bitalo + Bitcoin News DD4BC Shifts Focus to Businesses, Continues DDoS Attack. Cybercriminals and extortionists demanding Bitcoin as ransom is on the rise these days. Due to the easy of ... Bitalo. com wurde DDoS von demselben Hacker angegriffen, der Nitro- gensports angegriffen hat, und jetzt setzen sie möglicherweise die größte Bitcoin-Prämie auf, die es je gab, um seine Identität zu finden. Skip to content. Bitcoin on air. Haupt-News; Crypto; Hauptmenü . Crypto. Bitalo. com setzt massive 100BTC Bounty auf Hacker 2020 - Bitcoin on air. Art Von: Jing Jin. Im September ... Bitcoins kaufen 2018: ist Dein Info-Portal Ratgeber zu Bitcoins & Kryptowährungen ⇒ News, Kurse & Krypto-Trading Tipps Jetzt lesen!

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BIP001: Martin Albert, Bitalo AG

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