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The parts for my mining rig just arrived. But now I've got some more questions!

Hey, The parts for my mining rig just arrived! Yay! Its 2 R9 270's which I have estimated to give around 800-900kHs.
My first question is: With such a hashrate - would I better off mining on p2p or in a traditional pool? And if so.. What pool do you recommend? I know most people just say that over time it balances out, but seeing as mining a block is completely random - I don't see how this is the case? Surely Having the confidence that you're going to get blocks frequently in a big pool is good?
Also, I have a USB stick here - and I was going to use BAMT. Is this the best linux distro for mining? I've seen another one called SMOS that claims to be better but I don't have a clue. So should I just use BAMT?
Finally.. In a few months when I'm literally a millionaire from mining coins ;) - a) What is the best way to store my bitcoins securely? Should I mine into an offline paper wallet b) I see Dogecoin as quite a volatile currency - perhaps even more so than bitcoin.. Does it make more sense to store the bulk of your crypto currency as bitcoin or dogecoin? Obviously theres no correct answer to this as nobody knows whats going to happen but I'd like to hear what other people do!
Thanks for all your help - the whole community has been so helpful in helping me pick parts for my rig and I hope to have it built by tomorrow :)
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